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Race Day - A Closer Look at Building Racetracks in UemeU

In this video I take a look at two racetracks built in UemeU one of which it build from the Minecraft asset box Hopscotch shared with me in the last video. Please feel free to download use and edit the tracks…

Minecraft Racetrack:
The UemeU Raceway:

Tutorial/Info on downloading and installing world and item files in UemeU:

I am happy to answer any questions you may have so leave a comment or email me at: my channel can be found @


Free Demo:

Some screenshots from our Wednesday night play session. The guys have been building some minecraft stuff in anticipation of a new world Rachel has been working on. It was a great session we were particularly impressed with Hopscotch’s pixel forge and how easy she had made it for people to build some pixel art. The next session is this Monday at the same time of 8:30pm. 

Steam group:

Some new vehicles I have been working on in UemeU. They are part of a new set that includes a Van, Car, Jet and Truck. In anticipation of the new vehicle customization system coming to UemeU They will all be derivable in the next update. When finished, they will be free to download and will be a great way to start your vehicle library.  (Landrunner)

Try out the latest update v0.25.0 and become a part of the public alpha. £6:99 @

The second part to the UemeU Tutorials. 

This episode covers the following…

-Intermediate Shapes

-Special FX 



and some of the menu options. 

I am happy to answer any questions you may have so leave a comment or email me at:





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